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The Foundation of any Love INC is the clearinghouse. This is the place that a client can call with their need. On any given day of the week we may get as little as five or as many as 20 calls for help with things such as food, clothing, shelter, etc… Historically, when people are in need they spend many wasted hours trying to find the resources that are available to meet that need. The clearinghouse model was created to help streamline that process, thus eliminating the frustration that many feel when trying to get help. Now, instead of calling church to church trying to get help, they are referred back to Love INC where they can get the information they need in one phone call. When a client calls in they are generally in a crisis and are desperate to get the help they need. What they receive on the other end of the phone is a calming, non-judgmental voice of compassion that is ready to listen and pray with them. Clients go through our intake process which consists of basic information about family, employment, housing and income. Once this is done the information is verified for accuracy and legitimacy and (depending on the need) the client is either sent to one of our many resources or they are assisted directly through one of our GAP ministries. Because we have done all of the verification before sending them to a particular resource, our churches feel comfortable knowing they are meeting a legitimate need. That’s what Love INC is all about, partnering together to transform lives In the Name of Christ!

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