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Love INC is the designated administrator of PNM’s Good Neighbor Fund. This fund is created by the Power Company of New Mexico and all funds are based on community donations and matched by PNM employees and directors. This is a great way to assist our clients who may find them selves needing assistance with their electric bill.

In addition to the Good Neighbor Fund, Love INC also has a benevolence program for other monetary needs as well. Assistance with rent, utilities, prescriptions and gasoline are available on a limited basis and all requests must be able to be verified for accuracy and legitimacy before a decision can be made. Once this is done, a determination can be made as to how much Love INC can assist with. In most cases the client is asked to participate in this process by contributing a portion of the amount needed toward the payment. We feel this is an important part of ensuring that we continue our mission for a hand up rather then a hand out.

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