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In our effort to bring hope to our community, Love INC of Otero County has created a weekend back pack ministry for school age children that have been identified as being in need. These back packs are filled with 2 ½ days of non perishable, easy to eat foods to sustain children for the weekends. Back packs are filled and sent home on Fridays afternoons (or the last day of the week) and then the students will bring them back on Monday’s (or the first day of the week). Our team will then pick them up and refill them and the process will be repeated. In order for a child to be enrolled in the program a recommendation must come from a school teacher, principal, counselor or school nurse (parents cannot make the request themselves). We currently have about 200 children enrolled in the program however on average we fill 150-170 back packs each week depending on whether the child has returned the back pack that week. Community support is crucial in maintaining this program and donations are always welcomed.

Lowes Signature Market and Jack Key Motor have teamed up to give us $750.00 a month to support our backpack program. In addition, Lowe’s has agreed to sell us all food at cost. We encourage our supporters to support those businesses that give back to their community. The next time you are in Lowes look for our display, pick up a backpack food list and drop your donated foods in the bin provided as you leave. For just a few dollars you can help a child in need right here in our community.

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